Green Energy Team is a nonprofit organization founded by like-minded university students around Illinois. We came together in order to narrow the poverty gap by helping American families around the country save money on their energy bills. We will identify where the need lies, and provide individuals with environmentally friendly energy solutions at no cost. This is accomplished primarily through Green Energy Team's recycling program. Those who participate in this program recieve FREE OF CHARGE a collection unit and an at your conveniece pickup service. In the near future Green Energy Team will be taking glass, paper, and plastic, but our main focus now is aluminum cans. Green Energy Team formally recycles 100% of its collected intake. The proceeds from the program go into builing and donating energy solutions to those in need.

We believe that in order to do our part to help solve the energy crisis, we must take "green" energy solutions to those who need them most. The burden of falling behind on a mortgage, rent payments, or utility bills can push many American families into foreclosure and onto the streets. Our solar solutions are capable of yielding monthly savings between 30 and 80 percent. In some states, families will even be able to sell back surplus energy to their current energy providers through a photovoltaic system, known as PV system. Green Energy Team also provides solar air heaters, solar powered water heaters, and wind solutions, all with significant benefit to lowing living costs.

However, in order for our organization to meet the growing demand in our communities, we need your help. As any nonprofit organization, we pay primary operating costs through donations, fundraising, and our recycling program. Some live by the adage that every problem has a solution. G.E.T maintains that the solution to our nation's energy crisis can be found in environmentally friendly power sources and green recycling. Our organization hopes to help the less fortunate acquire a better, greener life, and with your help, we are confident that our goal will be accomplished.